Thanks to our good friends at CJSW Radio, we're pleased to bring you Unspooled, a monthly podcast focusing on Calgary bands and their tapes. The podcast runs on the first Wednesday of each month at about 5 pm on Saved By The Bell, featuring Mike Bell and/or Dawn Loucks. They'll air a shorter version of the segment, with a longer version available on the web... below!

Episode 1 (November 2015): Jackson Phibes, Forbidden Dimension and "Martian Death Saucer"

Episode 2 (January 2016): Lorrie Matheson, Lee Shedden, Fire Engine Red and "Black Day"

Episode 3 (February 2016): Chris Dadge, David Laing, Lab Coast and "Really Realize"

Episode 4 (March 2016): Janine Bracewell, Chantal Vitalis, Same Difference and "I Feel Love"

Episode 5 (April 2016): KJ Jansen, Chixdiggit and "I Should Have Played Football in High School"

Episode 6 (May 2016): Casey Lewis, the Everymen and "Yuppie War Anthem"

Episode 7 (June 2016): Allen Baekeland, Terry Tompkins, the Now Feeling and "Brand New Set of Lies"

Episode 8: Tona Walt Ohama and "Let Them Eat Static"

Episode 9: Kamil Krulis and the El Caminos' "Nobody"

Episode 10: Kevin Stebner and Bart Records' cassettes

Episode 11: Stephen Bandola and Jeff Burns on Citrus Park's "A Pretty View"

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