Tuesday 14 November 2023

Antisocial Club - Antisocial Club (2010/2021)

We somehow missed picking up this cassette reissue when it first came out a couple of years ago - so with former Antisocial Club drummer Bart Dutchak winding down his quite fantastic Wasted Wax Records, we figured we better nab a copy before it disappears into the ether. 

This was originally put on vinyl by Handsome Dan's records, so as you can probably expect - it's very much in the genre we call "Dan Izzo punk." If we had the skill and ability, we'd definitely be out skateboarding to this. So it's also probably not surprising that two thirds of this band would go on to form the rhythm section of Izzo's Spastic Panthers.

As mentioned, it looks like Dutchak is going to be shutting down Wasted Wax after 10 years of putting out some great Southern Alberta punk records - for now, you can grab this Antisocial Club tape and other goodies over at the Wasted Wax website.

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