Saturday 26 August 2023

Amin Bhatia - The Interstellar Suite (1987)

Here's another Dan Lowe production - but one in a very different genre than most of what we've featured previously. Raised in Calgary, composer and synth guru Amin Bhatia has been receiving accolades since 1981, when the then-20 year old won a worldwide synthesizer competition sponsored by Roland and judged by notables including Robert Moog, Oscar Peterson and Tomita. That led to working with Toto and David Foster, and ultimately this, his first album.

Thanks to the soundtrack-like sound of The Interstellar Suite, Bhatia has since gone on to score countless films and TV shows (our favourite credit of his: The Pingu Dance!), picking up scores (ha!) of awards along the way.

In 2021, Bhatia released a 25th anniversary edition of the Interstellar Suite - you can pick it up on his bandcamp or stream the original on Spotify.

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Amin Bhatia said...

Wow! To be honoured by the cassette revival is quite amazing. Thank you for these kind words .. and stellar research!