Monday, 24 July 2023

Various - Rocky Mountain Magic (1981), Up From The Basement (1984)

We've got a pair of compilation LPs today, one from Calgary (from XL radio) and one from Edmonton (from that city's K-97 station). We'll speak to the inclusion of the Edmonton comp first - Discogs suggests that the Tickets that kick off the A side with two songs is the same as the one that put out a 1980 single via Doug Wong Music. But Discogs' quality control can be downright non-existent, so we're taking that with a grain of salt. So we're also using the third track on this, Voice's "Lime," as a reason for posting - it's great early 80's new wave that we quite enjoy.

So the Calgary-focused Rocky Mountain Magic is the real reason for this post - we're not familiar with most of the artists on here, except for country rockers Sidewinder and keyboardist Ted Alexander (who played with Prototype, Qwest, the Sailcats and 20-20). As you might expect, this compilation covers a lot of genres in terms of genres, from soft rock to country to hard rockers. Singles' "She Don't Make Me" is the standout track for us - though we have no idea who was in the band, thanks to the lack of credits on the sleeve.

Get some Magic or head into the Basement.


Bonamassa said...

Thank You sharing amazing releases', I let you know the link is only 1 release Rocky Mountain & The Basement is missing?, thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Singles performed a song on Mike Bezzeg's show and the lyrics had something to do with trains.