Thursday 27 July 2023

Charlene Prickett - Does Floors... And Aerobics (1983)

Though she was born in Arkansas, Calgary was where fitness guru Charlene Prickett made her mark, thanks to her long running TV show, It Figures. The show ran for over 20 years and was originally produced by Calgary 7 - but found audiences around the world. 

So you can imagine how excited we are to bring you this LP, with an hour's worth of workout material set to a driving disco beat (and a pile of great cover songs ranging from Yaz to Gershwin, from Queen to Handel... and a couple of original compositions by sax player and engineer Mark Holden). This came out a couple of years after Jane Fonda's workout record and before the advent of home video made the idea of a audio recording of a workout obsolete.

Feel the burn!

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Bonamassa said...

Link is for Sail Cats Release", not Charlene, 👍🏻