Thursday 15 June 2023

Richard Harrow - Amateur Night (1979)

We've posted a bunch of things recorded BY Richard Harrow over the years, but only a few things BY Richard Harrow. This 1979 LP was put out on Harrow's own Living Room Records imprint shortly after his time with local legends The Original Caste - one of the tracks on here, the excellent "9 Out Of 10" was almost a late single by that band, from what we understand. Harrow's skill as a songwriter across genres is on full display on here - so we were curious to see what the Herald's in house reviewer at the time, Brian Brennan, had to say about this:

Well, we're going to argue with Brennan on two points here: those guitar solos are super tasty and needed to be included; and, Harrow's voice is just fine. 

Get it here!

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