Tuesday 2 May 2023

Yankee Cowboy - Yankee Cowboy (2022)

Pretty much anything associated with the Pee Blood group ends up on our list of favourites, and Yankee Cowboy is no different. We know the band is made up of folks from Vacuum Rebuilders and the Puppet Wipes, but we're not exactly who (we could probably ask Arielle McQuaig, but that seems like an obvious way to go). Like many things Pee Blood, Yankee Cowboy is delightfully ramshackle, low-fi punk - and also very, very fun. These songs feel like they should fall apart at some point, but they hold together really well - so well that tracks like "Me & Pinocchio" are likely to get stuck in your head.

Get the tape via the Pee Blood bandcamp

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