Sunday 2 April 2023

Fosterchild - Fosterchild (1977), Troubled Child (1978), On the Prowl (1980) + singles

To be honest, prior to digging into their discography, we best knew Fosterchild for being the band that had the honour of having the Social Blemishes open for them at a school concert in 1978. While that marked the Social Blemishes' first gig, it would have been around the time that Fosterchild released their second LP, Troubled Child. 

We dug into a bit of the band's history when we posted their first single, but we'll turn to Vancouver Pop Music for a bit more of the story. Victoria-born Foster met Willis "around 1970 and they played in a few bands and learned the ropes of performing in concert. Willis moved on to New York City while Jim Foster formed a quartet named Fosterchild where they were a regular band at Calgary’s the Scotch and Sirloin.The band went to Edmonton and recorded a demo of a song Jim Foster wrote called “Let Me Down Easy.” On the strength of that demo the band got a record deal with CBS Records. However, CBS was unimpressed with the other three musicians in Fosterchild and got session musicians to work on the single release. Consequently, Jim Foster had a new record out to the general public but no intact Fosterchild band. It was 1976 and Vern Wills had come back to Calgary since his US visa had expired. Jim Foster recalls, “So I called Vern who was living in Edmonton. He said he’d just heard me on the radio. I said ” You wanna join forces?” and that was it.""

The result of that partnership was two LPs on Columbia Records and a third on Wes Dakus' Edmonton-based Vera Cruz Records. And a bunch of singles, the most notable of which were I Need Somebody Tonight” and "Let Me Down Easy."

Oh, and somewhere in between the band's second and third LPs, they added Doug Johnson on keyboards - but he'd soon split to join Loverboy. 

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