Sunday 30 April 2023

Ariel Ulysses - A Song For A Rainy Day (2020)

We believe this cassette is a 2023 release of an album Ariel Ulysses put out in mid-2020, in the exciting, early days of the pandemic. We'd picked up the digital download back then, so we're pleased to have a physical copy of this quiet, introspective release which blends softly strummed guitars, electronics and field recordings. The result is somewhere between ambient and dream pop, and it's highly compelling.

Get the tape from Ariel Ulysses' bandcamp.


Gregor W. said...


Kaiden Jackman said...

Hey y’all! Thanks for picking up a copy of A Song for a Rainy Day, myself and Ariel Ulysses loved putting together the artwork for this tape and it’s awesome to see that people enjoyed it. Just wanted to let you know the tapes for this album were actually made in early 2021 but we just recently decided to give them to a few local record stores for consignment. I believe they’re sold out in-person but we’ve still got some available at the Lavender Dream Bandcamp if anyone wants to get their hands on one. Thank you for showcasing the tape, we really appreciate it!