Saturday 11 March 2023

Scrubbaloe Caine - Round One (1973), Feelin' Good on a Sunday (1973)

We briefly mentioned Scrubbaloe Caine when we were digging through the heated question of whether or not Loverboy is a Calgary band. We're going to crib from Wikipedia a bit on this one: the band was formed in 1970 here in Calgary - but under the name Cannonball. Membership was guitarists Jim Harmata and Paul Dean (later of Streetheart and then Loverboy), bassist Bob Kidd, violinist Henry Small (formerly of the Gainsborough Gallery), keyboardist Al Foreman, and drummer Bill McBeth.

Kidd was replaced by former Guess Who bassist Jim Kale - we're not clear if this was before or after the band relocated to Toronto in 1972 and changed their name to the head-scratchingly odd Scrubbaloe Caine. They ultimately got signed to RCA, who put out their full-length LP and a handful of singles.

Plans for a second album never materialized - and, yes, we realize that we're pushing the limits of their Calgaryness, but with the core of the band having formed here, we're sticking to our guns on this one.

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