Monday 13 March 2023

Painter - Daybreak (1970), Painter (1973), Song For Sunshine (1974), Suzie-Q

We kind of got into the history of Painter when we featured a bunch of singles by Dan Lowe's post-49th Parallel projects last year, but listening to their full-length LP again, we feel like we need to give this band some props. 

As we've already recounted, Painter formed out of the ashes of the 49th Parallel, with Dan Lowe pulling together a powerhouse of a band that included Edmonton garage rock legend Barry Allen on second guitar, former Witness Inc. drummer Bob Ego, latter-day 49th Parallel vocalist Doran Beattie, and bassist Wayne Morice. 

Their single on Randy Bachman's Molten label was their first release (with an earlier 4-piece lineup), with their full-length being recorded in Seattle with Lowe doing an excellent job on production duties. The single we shared last year, "West Coast Woman," was a hit on Canadian radio. The band ended the same way as the 49th Parallel, though - as the band evolved musically, their label decided the sound wasn't for them and dropped Painter.  

Get their LP and singles here.

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