Wednesday 8 March 2023

Original Caste - One Tin Soldier LP (1969)

We've already posted the single the Original Caste are most famous for, which also happens to be the title track from their first album... which is what we've got here. We're re-reading the bio of the band on Wikipedia, and... well, let's just reprint it here:

Songwriter and guitarist Bruce Innes formed the group in Calgary, Alberta, in 1966. Initially, Bruce Innes, Graham Bruce and Bliss Mackie worked as a trio and Dixie Lee (Stone) Innes joined the group in 1967, contributing rich vocals. At that time, Dixie Lee Stone was a secretary at Pacific Petroleums in Calgary, and she sang on the weekly television programme Calgary Safety Roundup on CFCN-TV. Bruce Innes sang and played by himself while Graham Bruce worked as an accounts executive at Royal Trust. Bliss Mackie had worked as a Coca-Cola truck driver and a manager of a department store. In early 1968 Peter Brown (Seattle) became the first drummer in the group. Joe Cavender played with an acid rock group.

Okay, a few questions: what made Graham Bruce jump from a cushy office job to the life of a troubadour? And which acid rock band did Joseph Cavendar play with? 

Lots of questions, maybe there's an answer in the download?  

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