Wednesday 22 March 2023

Hammersmith - Hammersmith (1975), It's For You (1976), Good-Bye Good-Bye (1976)

We gave Dan Lowe's Hammersmith a quick recap last year, but now's a good time to dig deeper into their story (thanks to 

After Painter called it quits, the band moved back to Calgary to pursue a harder sound. They added Jeff Boyne as a second guitarist and was new drummer James Llewellyn. Lowe produced their self-titled debut and the band headed out on tour - by the time they settled in to record their new album, they had a new guitarist (replacing Boyne, not Lowe!) and drummer. But their second album didn't make as much a wave as their first, and they were dropped by their label. gives us this great tidbit as a coda to their story:
Once they were off the road, which included opening for KISS, Beattie quit, though the band carried on without him while searching for a new singer and a new deal. Among the people trying out for the singer position was future Moxy and Loverboy frontman Mike Reno (still going by his real name Mike Rynoski), though he didn’t last long.

You know we LOVE every Loverboy tie-in we can find. Not even Rynoski could pull things together for Hammersmith, though, and the band called it quits in 1977. 

Get their LPs (and a bonus single) here.

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