Tuesday 7 March 2023

Gainsborough Gallery - Life Is A Song (1970)

The Gainsborough Gallery round out the trifecta of big Calgary bands to come out of the 60's (ok, except for that other one), so we gotta share their 1970 full-length while we're digging through things here. A bunch of these tracks were on the singles of theirs that we shared last year. But that doesn't make this any less worth a listen. Gainsborough Gallery have always sounded more poppy and/or folky to us - the garage rock influence on this Norman Petty-produced LP isn't nearly as prominent on their Calgary peers' full lengths. It's absolutely worth sticking through - the last track, a cover of Smokey Robinson's "Get Ready," is killer. A poppier take than the hit version by Rare Earth which was released at about the same time.

Get it here!

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