Saturday 4 March 2023

Echo Tones - Low Down Guitar/Inland Surfer (1963)


Sometimes you buy a box of records and an amazing thing falls out of it; this was one of those rare times. We're very pleased to have a copy of this ground zero rock and roll record on Mel Shaw's Sotan Records label. 

We've got conflicting info on the membership of the Echo Tones; the bio on their discogs entry lists Ronnie King (born Cornelius Van Sprang) as a member, along with recently-deceased future Three Dog Night drummer Floyd Sneed as a member as well as Van Louis (Emile Van Sprang, Ronnie's brother). But  Roy Wilcox's Garage Band Rockers only agrees on Ronnie King as a member of the band - Wilcox quotes from a Herald article by James Muretich in which Ronnie King notes that Sneed was in a competing band, the Virtues (later joining forces with Tommy Chong and ultimately moving to Vancouver with Little Daddie and the Bachelors). 

Regardless, this is a great slice of early Calgary garage rock that we're thrilled to have in the collection. Give it a listen here.

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