Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Stardells - The 400 Club, The Stardells (Black Album), The Stardells (Blue Album), The Stardells (1974), Encore




We had intended to post these last year after our Buckshow Show post, but clearly we got distracted by some other random thing. So, without further ado...  five albums from the legendary Stardells, a long-running group made up of bassist Chuck Faas, guitarist Norm Faas, drummer Ray Faas, guitarist John Klein... and keyboardist Ron Barge. Four of these albums (on the band's own Staroyd label) are without a year of release, but the last one on Westmount was put out in 1974. 

The band was active through the 60's and 70's, playing the many lounges in the city - developing a vocally supportive fanbase during that time.

These five albums (yes, that one with the blue cover is held together with duct tape - the CCPS takes records in the shape we find them) cover a range of country, rock and pop standards. Listening to these is easy and it's easy to see why the band had such a long run. The songs are well-played and thoroughly enjoyable. We really like the 400 Club LP with its between-song applause and banter - even though it was recorded in Ernie Klump's Mayland Heights studio. (For those of us who don't remember the 400 club - don't worry, we weren't allowed in there).

If you're planning a romantic night in, we highly recommend putting a Stardells record on. For best results, why not queue up all five?

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