Tuesday 7 February 2023

Poltergeist - Hallucinations in the Catacombs (2022)

This tape from Poltergeist's Kalen Baker is a reissue of their first outing, backed with the tape that introduced them to the CCPS a year and a bit ago. Which means we've again been tricked into buying a tape we basically already have. But as always, we're happy to go all in - Poltergeist are a great addition to the goth-y bands circulating around town right now, with a more guitar-focused sound than most. There's an element of hair metal that Baker's guitar heroics bring to this tape (and their live show) that is instantly likeable. Sometimes you just want to hear from great shredding on top of all those synths.

Get the download from the Poltergeist bandcamp.

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