Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Cold Water - Instead, I Am A Golden Oriole (2023)

We've proclaimed our love for Kevin Stebner's various projects over the years, so it shouldn't surprise you that we're really excited by this new Cold Water release. Making it all the more tantalizing are the exceptional rhythm section that's now powering this band (featuring the drums of Andrew Hume and bass of Connor HD) AND the fact that it was recorded by Lorrie Matheson. The result is a fantastic set of tunes that finds the band hitting the sweet spot of Stebner's full-stack folk vision.

Stebner's gruff voice balances the sweetness of guitarist John Hadley's soaring pedal guitar soars through the first three tracks, with the band opening up for the excellent "Wide-Eyed" before settling into the 10-minute psych-folk rock epic "Cosmic Offering." And towards the end of the album, "Lumber Dog" conjures up the power and ferocity of Stebner's punk outings with Prepared/Fulfilment. Is this our favourite Stebner release so far? Yes, yes it is.

Get it from the Cold Water bandcamp.

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