Friday 30 December 2022

Ian & Sylvia Tyson - Calgary/Trucker's Cafe (1970)

We lost an icon yesterday with the passing of Ian Tyson, a man who had a huge impact on country music in our part of the world. After settling into Longview in the mid 1970's, Tyson also settled into country music - releasing a series of singles and recording several albums at Sundae Sound (which we posted last year). 

For us, this 1983 article by James Muretich is a really great profile of Tyson as he was releasing his Old Corrals &Sagebrush LP. "This isn't a comeback, I haven't been away really, just been right here doing my thing (raising cutting horses), which is as important to me as the music," Tyson said at the time. "If the success of the album dictates a higher profile then fine. But I won't get too far from Longview."

We're going to celebrate his legacy with one of the things we absolutely love here at the CCPS, a song about our fair city. "Calgary" is a great song that showcases Tyson's resonant baritone - we've listened to this more times than you can imagine over the past day. This single is billed under Ian & Sylvia Tyson, but it's from their 1979 Great Speckled Bird album - arguably a key moment in Tyson's move from folk to country. 

Get it here.


Anonymous said...

GSB album Not 1979. It was 1969 or 70. Just prior to Festival Express.

Greg Goldenberg said...

Thank you!
Let Ian rest in peace, and we will always remain grateful.