Saturday, 19 November 2022

Preoccupations - Preoccupations (2016), New Material (2018), Arrangements (2022)

It's impossible to overlook the impact that Women had on the Calgary scene - and the same goes for Preoccupations. When they burst onto the scene in 2013 as Viet Cong, everyone took notice: the angular post-punk guitar of Danny Christiansen and the awe-inspiring musicianship of Scott Munro into the mix of Matt Flegel's deft bass work and Mike Wallace's staccato drum attack did some great things. 

Over the course of these three tapes, the band's songs becomes increasingly claustrophobic and dense with layers of synth and reverb enshrouding them. The chiming, angular guitarplay that characterized their Viet Cong release is largely gone - while other bands are still mining that space, Preoccupations have moved on to deeper space.

Get these tapes (or LPs, if you choose) from the good folks at Flemish Eye.

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