Friday 4 November 2022

Buckshot Show - The Buckshot Show's First Album (1983)

We're going to guess that a lot of you were wondering when we'd get around to highlighting this crucial Calgary release. For a lot of us, the Buckshot Show was a big part of growing up Calgarian - Buckshot (Ron Barge) and Benny the Bear (Jim Lewis) were right up there with Mr. Rogers and Big Bird. Their TV show launched in 1967 and ran every weekday at noon until 1997. At some point in those 30 years, it looks like the name Buckshot morphed into the more proper first and last name of Buck Shot.

This album kicks off with the song perhaps most associated with the Buckshot Show, a cover of Roy Acuff's "16 Chickens and a Tambourine," and covers a lot of fun ground after that. We always wondered why the show's theme music wasn't included on this - we JUST learned that they used Jean-Jacques Perrey's "The Elephant Never Forgets," where we had always thought it was an original piece of music. Guess we didn't stick around and watch the credits very often.

Since we've got the original production files for this, a couple of fun notes. This was produced in a run of about 5,000 copies - which is pretty substantial for a local release. And it was engineered by Jim Lewis, proving himself to be not just a good puppeteer. But more on Lewis and Barge a bit later...

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