Monday 17 October 2022

Ernie Manera - From Meadow Wood Road To Here (1981), Chiaroscuro (1982)

Although he played here regularly in the early 1980's, Ernie Manera was a Victoria, BC-based folk singer. His first LP was recorded here with Richard Harrow, while that second LP was recorded across the prairies (including a return to the Living Room Studios). These are solid folk albums, presented as they would be live - just Manera and his acoustic guitar (okay, with a bit of second guitar and dulcimer to fill things out a wee bit). 

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Anonymous said...

Hello - do you know if Ernie is still alive? How old would he have been in 1982 (Chiaroscuro). I bought this album recently in New Brunswick. Curious why never "made it" - pretty darn good. Reminds me of Cockburn & nearly as good!

Anonymous said...

If you have a sec to reply:
Thanks much!