Saturday, 8 October 2022

Ben Ziv - Stop Smoking With Hypnosis/Relaxation With Hypnosis, Lose Weight And Control It With Hypnosis/Regression With Hypnosis

We're sure you've been wondering, "why aren't there more weird records on this site?" Well, we've got a new kind of weird for you. Where Reveen was stage illusionist/hypnotist, Calgary-based Ben Ziv was out to help the masses with the same sort of things as Reveen - but on a much smaller scale. Instead of the stage of the Jubilee, Ziv was working out of his offices on Elbow Drive and various hotels around town from about 1979 to 1987.

What's most remarkable about this is Ziv's voice, which is far from the deep, commanding voice we'd associate with a hypnotist. That said, we accidentally listened to this at the same time as a Little Snake EP, and we gotta say - it's a hit.

Get it here.

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