Monday 5 September 2022

Selci - A Soft Place (2020)

One of the complications of the shutdown/reopening/shutdown/reopening cycle of the past couple of years is that it's been harder to get our hands on some tapes. Or we've missed that they've come out... like this second release from local electropop chanteuse Selci. This tape sees Selci honing in on her blend of r&b and electopop... and it's pretty great. Of course, by the time we got this she had already jumped ahead of that to her upcoming Fallen Woman release... and her live shows have picked up a backing band including electronic drums, bass, and - most remarkably - harmony vocals that make her songs pop all the more.

But this tape, even though a bit older, is still quite good - and you can get it at Selci's bandcamp.

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