Thursday 1 September 2022

Forbidden Dimension - A Cool Sound Outta Hell (2022)/The Golden Age Of Lasers (2022)

Well, here's a pair of good things, courtesy of the fine folks at Wasted Wax Records. In their quest to ensure the Forbidden Dimension catalog is available on all formats (except 8-track and MiniDisc), 
they've reissued FD's 2007 and 2012 releases, the recordings that saw Tom Bagley first joining forces with FD über-fan Casey Lewis in his Echo Base studios - and reuniting with Color Me Psycho drummer Mark Igglesden (sorry, that should be P.T. Bonham). This was really the revitalization of FD, after their hiatus following Widow's Walk. 

These are both beefy-sounding releases, forever linked with our own memories of seeing the band countless times at Broken City. Considering they were originally released on LP by the excellent Saved by Vinyl, did we absolutely need a cassette reissue? Maybe not, but we cherish it anyways.

Get these via Wasted Wax Records.

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