Thursday 25 August 2022

Mannequin Depressives - Trash-Eighty (2002)

Up until the mid 2010's, Calgary felt like a no-fly zone for synthpop. Mannequin Depressives always kicked against that - and we're quite happy they did. Trash-Eighty is the first of two full-length CDs they put out (along with a few CDR EPs) and it's a pretty great thing. Drawing on the sounds of bands like Depeche Mode, Psyche, and Cabaret Voltaire, this is an ambitious and highly enjoyable affair. We remember it being panned a bit for sounding overly retro when it came out - but with so much darkwave and synthwave coming out now, it's really hard to make that argument about the Mannequin Depressives these days.

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