Tuesday 23 August 2022

Kris Demeanor - Lark (2002)

Here's Kris Demeanor's second CD, which sees his wordy songs backed up by a stellar band made up of Peter Moller, Chantal Vitalis, Diane Kooch, and assorted guests. For us, this CD hits its stride with tracks like "One of Two Things" and "Extreme to Me," on which Demeanor flexes his verbal skills and cutting insight into our world's darker parts. Also, the video for "Extreme to Me" is one of two Calgary videos we can name that feature dance sequences in office buildings - and we do note that the other, Hot Little Rocket's "Like Killers," came out a few years after this:

Demeanor's discography can be pretty hard to track down (looks like only his last CD is on Spotify), so grab the download here.

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