Thursday, 14 July 2022

Thousandsticks - White Knuckled Midnight Drives (2001)

We have a list (or are working on a list, at least) of Calgary albums that are woefully overlooked. Releases that you really should hear, but probably would have a hard time finding a copy of. This CD from James Hayden's Thousandsticks is pretty high on that list - we posted their six song EP a few years ago, but this well-produced full-length is a real thing of joy. If you ever wanted an entire album follow-up to Fire Engine Red's "Shank Pony," this is for you. Oh, wait, it's only us that want that.

Hayden's songwriting is top notch on this and the playing by bandmates Lyle Crilly, Lorrie Matheson, Steve Elaschuk, and Chris Lowry is off the charts. This is a super group that's really super. We go back to this one a lot, it's a favourite road trip disc.

Get it here.

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