Wednesday 13 July 2022

Tariq - While You're Down There (2001)

Good thing we saved the promo writeup that came with this CD, or else we would have gone on about how its title was a nod to the similarly-named Pussy Monster song. But it appears to be a reference to Tariq's label cajoling him into songwriting partnerships while stateside. And it's an impressive list of co-writers: the Go-Go's' Charlotte Caffey! Jules Shear! And Russ Broom (who also produced this)! More than anything, this CD is perhaps a testament to the pain and sorrow of landing a deal with a major label in the late 1990's.

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Canuck80sGuy said...

Great CD; check out his latest 2019 release "Telegrams" which is a great listen on the deck after a day at the office. Very fine stuff.

I attended a Jules Shear concert at the Engineered Air Theatre prior to the release date of "While You're Down There" and was very pleasantly surprised that Tariq joined him on stage for 4 songs. Great chemistry between the two.