Sunday 10 July 2022

Rembetika Hipsters - Architects of Narghilé (2001)


This one gives us all the feels. The Rembetika Hipsters started as the duo of Nick Diochnos and Allen Baekeland. We think about Allen quite a bit since he passed away - he smacked us upside the head enough times for us to realize that we needed to take the CCPS more seriously, and for that we're forever grateful. Sigh.

Anyways, the Rembetika Hipsters payed tribute to the traditional urban and rural music of Greece, and was a mainstay at Pegasus restaurant and other community events (we'd catch them at the Hellenic Society of Calgary's annual Greek bazaar). We know we're pretty Allen-focused, so here's a video that shows how important Diochnos is to the band - such charisma!  

Allen gave us crap a couple of times about posting links to CDs instead of sending people to the artists - so hit up the Hipsters directly for a copy of this one.

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