Saturday, 30 July 2022

Red Hot Lovers - Ain't Got Time To Waste (2002)

We SHOULD be able to remember who was in the Red Hot Lovers for this CD... but the band's pseudonyms are just confusing us right now and the only member we can pin down for sure is Marty Chatrin on drums. But does it matter? This CD is from the great era of BIG rock bands in Calgary, when Motörhead's influence somehow took over the scene in bands like the Agriculture Club, Cripple Creek Fairies, the Daggers... and the Red Hot Lovers. 

This batch of heavy riffage is available over at the Red Hot Lovers' bandcamp.

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Certainly Sonja said...

RHL lineup on this album:
Charlie LaFleur (Roger LaFleur)
Marty Chatrin
Daniel Lee
Randy Rundland (