Sunday 3 July 2022

Interstellar Root Cellar - Lo-Fi Love (2001)

When we posted Interstellar Root Cellar's first CD, someone left a comment noting that, "[t]he mixing sounds a little amateurish to my ears, but the song writing in the arrangements are impeccable." Well, we hope that person is still reading because this CD sees the band taking a different approach to recording, eschewing the traditional studio approach and instead hunkering down in their garage and recording all the instruments live off the floor with one mic. It's might seem a bit schticky, but it works really well and sounds warm and inviting.

It looks like Ryan Bourne wasn't part of the band by this point - he had already struck out with one solo tape. We're not sure what Darren Bourne is up to these days, but Ryan's workout music-themed Hair Control is a pretty great thing.

Get some Lo-Fi  Love here

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