Sunday, 31 July 2022

Chantal Vitalis - Today's Special (2002)

In between her work with Same Difference and the Lovebullies, Chantal Vitalis put out this excellent self-titled CD. It's a great showcase to her songwriting and guitar-playing talents with tracks as diverse as the poppy "Is My Coming Round A Problem?", the delay-laced guitar of "Galaxy" (later remixed by Ohama), and the sly comedy of "Pigs (Makes Ham)".

It looks like this is available for streaming via Spotify - give this a listen there.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Red Hot Lovers - Ain't Got Time To Waste (2002)

We SHOULD be able to remember who was in the Red Hot Lovers for this CD... but the band's pseudonyms are just confusing us right now and the only member we can pin down for sure is Marty Chatrin on drums. But does it matter? This CD is from the great era of BIG rock bands in Calgary, when Motörhead's influence somehow took over the scene in bands like the Agriculture Club, Cripple Creek Fairies, the Daggers... and the Red Hot Lovers. 

This batch of heavy riffage is available over at the Red Hot Lovers' bandcamp.

Sunday, 24 July 2022

Spam Avenger - On Man's Attempt To Rid The World Of Unsolicited E-Mail! (2002)

We probably can't get further from country music than this CD from the Spam Avenger (aka Bob Keelaghan). In the early 2000's two things came together to produce this CD: the proliferation of email spam and Keelaghan's unmatchable wit (and presumably a lot of spare time on his part). This CD is a recording of Keelaghan's revenge calls/replies to spam messages he received - they're surreal, stream-of-consciousness conversations, attempts to get spammers off-script and off-balance. 

It's pretty funny stuff - and you can get it here!

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Tim Hus - Songs of West Canada (2002)

Here's some more country music for you, a week late for Stampede. Tim Hus takes a different approach to his songwriting than Tom Phillips, opting for a more documentary style in the same tradition as Stompin' Tom Connors. And on this, his first CD, he gifts us with a Calgary song!

It looks like this CD is available from Hus' website - get it there!

Friday, 22 July 2022

Tom Phillips and the Men of Constant Sorrow - The Essential (2002)

Sheesh, we really missed an opportunity to post some really great country music during Stampede. But, as always, we have the hookup later rather than sooner! We're probably on record as saying Tom Phillips is our favourite country singer/songwriter in town - and this CD is certainly a testament to his skills (as well as how great his Men of Constant Sorrow were). 

Tom has all of his records up for sale on his website; you can grab this one there (and while you're at it, do your self a favour and grab his excellent Plastic Machine LP). 

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Waterbody - Working For Our Souls (1995)

We posted a tape from Waterbody a couple of years ago - and here's their CD along with some actual info about the band! Yes, this was kind of an evolution of the Rip Chords, playing an arty pop that mixes elements of folk and world music - along with a touch of 90's alt rock (the good parts of it). 

We like this James Muretich-penned article about the band, mostly because of  Kevin Labchuk's prescient remarks about the benefits of remaining independent vs. getting signed by a major label:

Get it here.

Friday, 15 July 2022

Trikl Act - A Spatial Plot Thickens (2001)

We struggle with categorizing the Trikl Act; the band played math-ish rock, but there was something else in the mix that took them into a different realm. Maybe it's just the knowledge that the band featured Clinton St. John (along with Mark McCaul and Jordan Tettensor... and others?) that we read a folky sensitivity to these tracks. As much as the band can turn on a dime, they can also weave a narrative. It's a great preview of what was to come with the very excellent Cape May.

Get it here.

Thursday, 14 July 2022

Thousandsticks - White Knuckled Midnight Drives (2001)

We have a list (or are working on a list, at least) of Calgary albums that are woefully overlooked. Releases that you really should hear, but probably would have a hard time finding a copy of. This CD from James Hayden's Thousandsticks is pretty high on that list - we posted their six song EP a few years ago, but this well-produced full-length is a real thing of joy. If you ever wanted an entire album follow-up to Fire Engine Red's "Shank Pony," this is for you. Oh, wait, it's only us that want that.

Hayden's songwriting is top notch on this and the playing by bandmates Lyle Crilly, Lorrie Matheson, Steve Elaschuk, and Chris Lowry is off the charts. This is a super group that's really super. We go back to this one a lot, it's a favourite road trip disc.

Get it here.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Tariq - While You're Down There (2001)

Good thing we saved the promo writeup that came with this CD, or else we would have gone on about how its title was a nod to the similarly-named Pussy Monster song. But it appears to be a reference to Tariq's label cajoling him into songwriting partnerships while stateside. And it's an impressive list of co-writers: the Go-Go's' Charlotte Caffey! Jules Shear! And Russ Broom (who also produced this)! More than anything, this CD is perhaps a testament to the pain and sorrow of landing a deal with a major label in the late 1990's.

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Summerlad - Distance Will Be Swept Up (2001)

Now, we know what you're thinking: how long can the CCPS go without mentioning the Primrods? NOT LONG, dear friends, NOT VERY LONG AT ALL. So here's some Summerlad to fill the void in our lives. It's pretty easy to say that the band's first CD picked up where the unreleased/Geffen-tanked Primrods LP left off - especially since "The Mandarin Hand" sounds so much like a companion to "Francis Gary Powers Offers You The Thrill Of A Lifetime." Which in our books is a-okay, of course. There's maybe more shoegaze to this than the Primrods' offerings. But it was a tasty mix that got better with time.

Get swept up here.

Monday, 11 July 2022

Karl Roth - Almost Behavin' (2001)

We think this is Karl Roth's third CD - we posted the first a while ago, and this one follows the same path with a selection of standards handled adeptly by Roth on vocals and violin, and bunch of great backing musicians including Amos Garrett.

No download on this one as it's available on the streaming services.

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Rembetika Hipsters - Architects of Narghilé (2001)


This one gives us all the feels. The Rembetika Hipsters started as the duo of Nick Diochnos and Allen Baekeland. We think about Allen quite a bit since he passed away - he smacked us upside the head enough times for us to realize that we needed to take the CCPS more seriously, and for that we're forever grateful. Sigh.

Anyways, the Rembetika Hipsters payed tribute to the traditional urban and rural music of Greece, and was a mainstay at Pegasus restaurant and other community events (we'd catch them at the Hellenic Society of Calgary's annual Greek bazaar). We know we're pretty Allen-focused, so here's a video that shows how important Diochnos is to the band - such charisma!  

Allen gave us crap a couple of times about posting links to CDs instead of sending people to the artists - so hit up the Hipsters directly for a copy of this one.

Saturday, 9 July 2022

Neckers - In "A Whole Mess O' Trouble" (2001)

We've posted stuff on either side of the Neckers - Vernal Season (the high school band that brought together the core members of Brendan Tincher, Jim Blood, and Bil Heatherington) and the Pygmies (Tincher and Blood's post-Necker band, who subsequently became Jeans Degrees). Where latter era Neckers fell into more of a power pop and garage rock feel, their first CD is much more in the pop punk vein. But that logo! Excellent from the get-go.

Looks like this is available on the streaming platforms, so check it out there.

Friday, 8 July 2022

Mico - Standing In The Shadows (2001)

We forgot how great Mico were until we re-listened to this, their first full-length CD. Three guitars, bass, drums, and emotional vocals, Mico were a powerhouse. We could get into a BIG argument about whether they were a Banff band or a Calgary band, but we're not in a fighting mood today. 

The download is over at the Mico bandcamp.

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Martyr Index - 1936 (2001)

Following his work with Inquisition, Mark Vermin fired up the Martyr Index and took aim at all things capitalist, wrapping his message in a hard rock-leaning punk. And also gave us one of the greatest fold-out CD covers in this city's history - this thing's a beauty! But! We're not just about the album art - except when we can't seem to pin down who was in the band for this album. Casey Lewis and Jimmy James were in the band at some point but we don't know for sure that they were in it from day one. 

Grab this via the Martyr Index bandcamp.