Wednesday 1 June 2022

No More Moments - Quarter Life Crisis (2022)

Okay, here's a tape we're really excited to have. Mostly because it showed up unexpectedly when we ordered the 12" version of this EP (the B side of which is etched - which is something we always appreciate). This newest offering from Siksika's finest is excellent with a sound is HUGE and songs that are fast and full of heart - there's something in No More Moments' songs that reminds us of Suicidal Tendencies on here, minus the metal noodling. Which is a really good thing. 

Drummer Carlin Black Rabbit is talking about bringing back Moments Fest this September; we really hope that happens. Because we want to be in the pit for their next show.

We're not sure how to get a copy of Quarter Life Crisis on tape (it's labelled promo only), but the 12" vinyl is over at the Cursed Blessing web store

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