Monday 20 June 2022

Acid Mirage - A Darkened Sun (1994)


Here's another tape from Steph Adams, and from a band we have no info on. We know that Acid Mirage played the Black Lounge from show listings at the time... but beyond that, nada. But we DID listen to this tape (we listen to 'em all!) and can you this has pretty strong prog rock and metal influences and a lot of really great guitar work. We're kind of curious to know how this would have gone over at the Black Lounge - these aren't simple punk songs, they're much meatier.

Get yr Acid Mirage here!


Nicola Cavanagh said...

This band eventually changed their name to Dayworld, and Nathan's next band was Ciccone!

Devon Wells said...

This is my band from the olden days, really cool to find this!

For a little more info: we were all in high school when we made this album (most of us at William Aberhart and Jan at Bishop Carroll). We played the Black Lounge at U of C quite a bit as well as the Ballroom, Carpenter's Hall...all all ages venues.

You were wondering how we went over at the Black Lounge, I would say we had some good nights and had a lot of fun though we didn't fit with the punk thing and kind of didn't fit the musical trends of 1994 (the shreddy solos and metal riffs were not the thing to do but we didn't get the memo). I'm proud of what we did though and have a lot of good memories.

Thanks and good work on the blog!