Sunday 26 June 2022

Hot Little Rocket - Danish Documentary (2001)

Oh! Hot Little Rocket. One of our all-time favourites. We know we've said that before, but every time we dig out one of their CDs we're reminded of how great they were. Although what jumps out for us now is how high Andrew Wedderburn's voice is - especially compared to his recent stuff with Night Committee. We also forgot that this CD has the lyrics on the inner sleeve - we've spent the last 15 years scratching our heads over some of these phrases for nothing!

Play in traffic here!

Saturday 25 June 2022

Cripple Creek Fairies - Cripple Creek Fairies (2001)

We THINK this was the first real Cripple Creek Fairies CD; we could probably ask Cam Hayden, but that would take effort. So instead, our usual half-assedness prevails. This is one of a zillion CCF CDs that Hayden recorded in his Huge Ear studios - and it's a good one, with "We Are The Bomb" being worth the price of admission alone.

Which turns out to be a fairly reasonable price - you can grab the download of this for free from the CCF bandcamp.

Friday 24 June 2022

Co-Dependents - Live Recording Event (2001)

We're headed to the year 2001 - which was a pretty great year if you were hanging around at the Mecca Cafe, because you were probably listening to the legendary Co-Dependents. We can't remember exactly how Billy Cowsill ended up in Calgary or how he hooked up with Steve Pineo, but what they cooked up along with Tim Leacock and Ross Watson was magic. Even the Mecca being burnt down in the summer of 2002 didn't curb their might.

We THINK this is out of print so we'll let you grab it here

Thursday 23 June 2022

3D Electric Jesus - Anonymous (1995)

We KIND of remember 3D Electric Jesus. Or maybe it's just the band name we remember - things get pretty jumbled in our heads sometimes. This is heavier alt rock, probably one of the bazillion bands that Krisjan Leslie recorded at thee olde Sundae Sound in the mid-90's.

Get it here!

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Various Artists - Original Music Association of Calgary Compilation CD (1995)

This compilation CD proudly proclaims itself as a product of the CorelDRAW era - you can FEEL the mid-90's dripping off this disc. We're not familiar with OMAC and there are a lot of artists on here who we can't recall. The genres skip around a fair amount - the electronica of Ohama and Mozart's Rage give this a bit of street cred, but you can count on a mix of alt rock, country, folk, and jazz in between. 

Get it here!

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Various Artists - Milk The Cow: 4 Bands From Cowtown (1996)

We're going to head into more CDs from the CCPS archives. Because they're so SHINY! This compilation is over 25 years and remarkably two of the four bands on here are still active. Downway put out a new LP in 2019 and are gearing up for a European tour this August, while Belvedere's last record came our just last year and they're ALSO headed to Europe next month. Big Daddy Ritter and Showdown '76 are maybe just biding their time?

Goes to show that some old punks never give up!

Monday 20 June 2022

Acid Mirage - A Darkened Sun (1994)


Here's another tape from Steph Adams, and from a band we have no info on. We know that Acid Mirage played the Black Lounge from show listings at the time... but beyond that, nada. But we DID listen to this tape (we listen to 'em all!) and can you this has pretty strong prog rock and metal influences and a lot of really great guitar work. We're kind of curious to know how this would have gone over at the Black Lounge - these aren't simple punk songs, they're much meatier.

Get yr Acid Mirage here!

Sunday 19 June 2022

Chapter 16 - Chapter 16 (1993)

HUGE thanks to Steph Adams for getting in touch with us and passing us a few tapes she collected from the Black Lounge back in the day. Including this one from all ages regulars Chapter 16. This tape pre-dates the several others of theirs that we've previously posted... and other than that, we really don't have anything new to contribute to the Chapter 16 story.

But that doesn't mean you can skip the download!

Wednesday 1 June 2022

No More Moments - Quarter Life Crisis (2022)

Okay, here's a tape we're really excited to have. Mostly because it showed up unexpectedly when we ordered the 12" version of this EP (the B side of which is etched - which is something we always appreciate). This newest offering from Siksika's finest is excellent with a sound is HUGE and songs that are fast and full of heart - there's something in No More Moments' songs that reminds us of Suicidal Tendencies on here, minus the metal noodling. Which is a really good thing. 

Drummer Carlin Black Rabbit is talking about bringing back Moments Fest this September; we really hope that happens. Because we want to be in the pit for their next show.

We're not sure how to get a copy of Quarter Life Crisis on tape (it's labelled promo only), but the 12" vinyl is over at the Cursed Blessing web store