Saturday 7 May 2022

Summerlad - Carnus Magi/Everone Scolds The Wolf (2006)

This Summerlad single has always struck us as a bit of an oddity in the band's discography, though it's one we certainly like as much as the rest of their releases. Unlike the shoegaze-tinged sounds of their other releases, the two tracks on here are a blast of what the kids might call punk rock. Fast, furious, and concise, this is the antithesis of their epic City of Noise LP/High Performance Rodeo piece. Maybe what we like so much about this is its direct line to early Primrods tracks like "Feraltine." And the fact that this gives us an excuse to invoke the name of the Primrods.

We're unclear if the membership on here includes guitarist Sean Grier or keyboardist Liz Collins; either way, you can grab the download here

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