Thursday 12 May 2022

¡Olé! - ...lost it all on Slepnir in the third (2008)

Alright, let's get loud for a bit. These four doomy and sludgy tracks from ¡Olé! are pretty great - and considering the band's membership, we shouldn't be surprised. With Placebo guitarist Kieran McAuley bringing the riffs and future Mares of Thrace frontperson Thérèse Lanz adding the growling, guttural vocals, this sits in a comfortable place somewhere between metal and hardcore. Oh, and we shouldn't neglect to mention the contributions of drummer turned experimental vocalist Mark Fleischhaker and punk rock bingo host Beau Barker. 

You can still order physical copies of ¡Olé!'s 7" from No List Records, but we'll also park the download here.

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