Sunday 29 May 2022

Forbidden Dimension - Somebody Down There Like Me (1995/2022), Window's Walk (1997/2022)

Well, the good folks over at Wasted Wax are bleeding us dry with their ongoing series of Forbidden Dimension reissues. Following up on their reissues of Shivs & Shrouds/Our Martian Heritage and Sin Gallery are these two tapes (with accompanying vinyl versions), the band's second and third Cargo Records releases. With new and improved artwork! Casey Lewis has done a loving job of remastering these - which maybe doesn't come across as super impressive on tape, but the vinyl pressing of Widow's Walk (Somebody is still to come) sounds suitably monstrous.

It's great to have these in our hands - even if they are wreaking havoc on our pocketbooks and tape storage space. You can visit the good folks over at Wasted Wax Records to get your copy.

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