Sunday 8 May 2022

Ex-Boyfriends - It's Christmas, Baby/ It's Your Birthday, Baby (2007)

We've waxed on and on about the brilliance of Djewel Davidson and the Ex-Boyfriends, so here's a fun single that we're almost tempted to classify as a novelty record. Side one is a fuzzed-out garage rocker, "It's Christmas, Baby," while side two... recycles the music, switches to a more classic rock and roll arrangement (featuring Kenna Burima on keys), and changes up the lyrics for "It's Your Birthday, Baby." We certainly appreciate the economy of the approach. 

It's worth noting that this features Summerlad drummer Dean Martin and the Ostrich's Chris Milne on bass - while the core of Djewel and Michael Paton has stayed constant, the rhythm section has been in flux in recent years. We have NO recollection who the bassist was in this clip:


It looks like this isn't available thru the Ex-Boyfriends' bandcamp, so you can grab the download here.

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