Thursday 28 April 2022

Various - Pizza Records Party Pack (2008)


More mid-2000's garage rock, please! This is a 4-song EP that brought together bunch of great bands - we've seen the Ostrich before, but also included are Cryptomaniacs spin-offs the Funfuns and Thee Thems, along with the bratty power pop of the Hazard Lights. We've already dubbed the Cryptomanics as the band that hits nearest Mummies-esque garage rock, but Thee Thems were awfully close as well - especially with their combo organ-driven sound. This is the only official release featuring Thee Thems, other than the excellent Meloyida Records Concert Archive Series #3 DVD, which features a set of theirs at the old Emmedia space.

The liners notes for this suggest that there were more Pizza Records releases planned, but sadly this is the only one that ever saw the light of day.

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