Sunday 24 April 2022

Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome - Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome (2006)

If there's one band we keeping hoping to see a reunion show, it's this one. We found Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome way too late in life (theirs and ours), and only saw a handful of their shows. But we've got this single, which we cherish and fills some of the void they left behind. If you missed them, SIDS were an amazing, snotty, young powerhouse of garage rock. Everyone in this band was - and is - absolute gold. Sheesh, we're getting all misty-eyed here...

If you want to relive some of those great shows, here's a clip of the band playing this 7"'s "Olivia Neutron Bomb" at their final all-ages show:

Get SIDS' self-titled record here.

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