Tuesday 19 April 2022

Rum Runner/Blotto Boys - A Tribute To The Pogues/The Boys From Hoserville (2003); Rum Runner - Dead Men Are Heavier Than Broken Hearts (2005), Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! (2011)

Well, it kind of makes sense to follow up Knucklehead with this trio of singles from Rum Runner. Well, two and half singles - the first is a split with The Blotto Boys, who we think was a one-off band featuring Dan Izzo (among others, obvs). That split single's four Pogues covers characterize Rum Runner's sound - over their time they served up a blend of Knucklehead-like punk tinged with a Celtic folk influence. And lyrics that carried a subtle complexity - Al Drinkle's songwriting has a great literate sensibility.

Get the singles here.

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