Tuesday 26 April 2022

Ostrich - The Ostrich (2007), Mt. Fuji In Red (2008)

All that reminiscing about SIDS got us thinking about the Ostrich, a band that Craig Fahner played keyboard (and theremin) in for a spell. This was the first time we saw Chris Zajko on stage - and we're been hooked ever since. The Ostrich was a primal garage rock force - with the solid beat of Mike Bressanuttie on drums propelling the juggernaut. 

The band put out two 7"s and for once we're going to post them together rather than stringing you along. The first, self-titled one is the band as a four-piece (without Fahner), and it's pretty good - the last track, "Dead Horse," is well-worth the price of admission. Mt. Fuji In Red is perhaps our favourite of the two, though - the title track is killer and worth paying repeated admission for. Or something.

Get some Ostrich here.

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