Monday 18 April 2022

Knucklehead - Knucklehead (1998), Cosmetic Youth (2004), Hearts On Fire (2008), Cold Civil War (2012)

We're going to head back into the CCPS 7" archive - but we're going to focus on a few gems from the past 25 years that hearken back to the original content of this project. We've noticed that a few singles aren't available in digital format and/or the bands have no online presence - so we're going to rectify that.

As a starting point, here are four singles from local legends Knucklehead, spanning almost 15 years. We forgot how long these guys were active - and even though they have a selection of their releases up on their bandcamp (including the last of these singles), but the first three seem lost to the sands of time. Or at least we're going to pretend they are and post 'em anyways. It's pretty fun to listen to these in order and hear how Knucklehead honed its sonic attack while retaining its original sing-along spirit, capturing the raw energy of their amazing live shows. 

Get the three earlier singles here, and get Cold Civil War from Knucklehead's bandcamp.

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