Wednesday 27 April 2022

Cryptomaniacs - The Cryptomaniacs (2007)

Someday, someone will ask us, "what band is the closest to the Mummies to ever come out of Calgary?" They'll probably be expecting us to answer with the Mants, or maybe even the Von Zippers. But we won't hesitate: we'll look 'em in the eye and say, "THE CRYPTOMANIACS." This four-song 7" is all the band officially left us with (there used to be a couple of digital compilations of other recorded materials floating around on the interweb - but we're slightly too lazy to find them right now). This is majestic, shambling garage rock of the kind that makes us more than a bit giddy. And all four members of this band went on to further greatness in bands like the White Wires, Century Palm, Teledrome, and Thee Thems. 

Eyeballs!! Eyeballs!!

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