Friday 22 April 2022

Buzzing Bees - I should like to cuddle you; but I cannot, for you are so horny and prickly (2002)

This lovely orange slab of vinyl is from the Buzzing Bees, featuring members of Slow Kids Playing Fast and The Day After Tomorrow Band. This is the sound of all ages punk giving way to emo - accompanied by amazingly-long song titles. Chris van der Laan's Boat Dreams From The Hill website has a bit more of the story behind this:

Recorded in January of 2002, this was The Buzzing Bees' first time in the studio and, well, it shows. From the questionable inclusion of a sound clip from 2001's America's Sweethearts to the arduous length of the songs, the band was clearly still learning. Still a fair bit of fun though, in a glorified demo sort of way. It was put out by The Burning Season in 2002 on 500 honey-colored 7" records and featured artwork swiped straight out of a Crispin Glover book (literally). The band re-recorded "Brett Gunther Wouldn't Harm A Fly Because He'd Rather Harm You" when they'd simply ran out of songs for their second full-length and smartly trimmed the title down a tad.

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