Thursday 24 March 2022

Weir/Adolyne - Dummies (2022)


Here's something we're really excited about - a split tape featuring two heavy bands covering Portishead tunes. Saskatoon's Adolyne have a more straight-up take on "Glory Box" which while quite good pales in comparison to the Weir's full on assimilation of "Roads." Their version retains a hint of the song's iconic Rhodes riff but wraps it in a nice sludgy feeling that takes Portishead's melancholy to a whole new level. Topping the whole package off is a pair of remixes on side two by experimental musician Chad Munson.

Sadly, this was a limited edition tape that looks like it was a physical-only release. So we have nowhere to point you to, other than perhaps the next Weir gig.

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