Tuesday 29 March 2022

Various - I Love Oscill8 (2020)

In a quick chat with Eine Kleine China's Charles Gunn, he mentioned Oscill8- which we were vaguely familiar with, but hadn't really dug into to find out more. Oscill8 bill themselves as a live music collective - they're based here in Calgary, but include artists from across Western Canada. This tape is the first of a series of compilations they've put out - and as you can expect from a collective, it's spans a bunch of styles within electronic music but all of a remarkably high quality. The standout tracks on here come from Jayne Murray's a toy rabbit (which blends samples and synths together in a compelling blend that's not unlike Eine Kleine China's work) and Michael Weicker's Weep o mine eyes (which keeps to a sparser sound that explores textures and nuances in sound).  

Get this tape via the Oscill8 bancamp and keep your eyes on their instagram for upcoming events.

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