Friday 4 March 2022

Ursula! - Mommy, Don't Leave Me/The Magic Web (1983)

The file in the Doug Wong archives for this single from German-born singer Ursula! is packed full of goodies. It's got two press kits, including bios that track her from her move as a child to Canada, her early days in Toronto's folk scene learning her first guitar chords from Gordon Lightfoot, playing throughout the US and Canada, and finally landing in Edmonton where she was based when she made this record. There's also a glossy 8x10 photo, her January 1983 show itinerary, and an extensive list of songs she can play in her sets that ranges from "Both Sides Now" to "YMCA." And the chords and lyrics for her two songs on this single, which are narrative-heavy tunes in a country vein. 

This is the sort of thing we've really enjoyed about the Doug Wong archives, hitting little caches of stuff like this. It's pretty fun - even if Ursula! doesn't count as a Calgary artist. 

But you can get her single here!

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